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Monday, May 28, 2007

On The Road Again...

Yipee-Woof, I just had my first road trip! I could see the family putting clothes and things into suitcases and it was making me a bit nervous...then when I saw my sister start putting my very own toys and food into another bag I really started to panic! I was so afraid they were going somewhere without me! On the contrary, lucky me got to go to Grammy's right along with them. It was a pretty long drive in cramped quarters, but hey...this dog is not complaining--I love a good snuggle. At one point Mom even slipped me a yummy carrot, which must mean I was doing a good job in the car. I slept most of the way and even got out at one point to tinkle!

My cousins Sadie and Toby were there to play with--we had so much fun! It wasn't all play, though...we had nice relaxing times, too. I am totally in my element in the great outdoors--lots to sniff, lots of room to run. I hope we get to go to Grammy's again soon!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm Back!

Yes, my friends, I know it has been quite a long time since I've posted. Have I just been too busy to post? I don't know, I've just been doing the usual doggie things. Sleeping, pooping, playing. I guess you could call my lack of blog-writing more laziness than anything else. Plus the fact that I have been a bit embarrassed at my short hair cut. No matter how cute my Mom kept saying I looked, this dog felt ridiculous without his fur. Call me vain, but it's true. But now I am finally getting that hair back! I feel like my pedigree self again! And check out that brand new fancy collar! Mom said something about how now that I was a 'Big Boy' I was ready for my fancy collar. I do feel kind of spunky in it, I have to say.

Mom's been taking me for lots of rides and walks now, and I have learned to love both! No more whining for me. (at least not about those things.) When she says, "Go for a ride?" or "Go for a walk?" I know just what those things mean. I've even been walking around the lake! Whew, that makes me tired, but I love it. It's amazing how many dogs and people I see, and so many people I encounter along the way make such a fuss about me. A dog's gotta love that! And I do.

Yes, spring is here, I've got my fancy collar, I'm livin' the dog's life. It's all good.

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Call of the Wild

I got all excited the other day because Mom came home with what I thought was a new pal for me to play with. She put it on the table and I whined and wagged my tale--really turned on the 'cute' charm, you know--until she pulled it down for me to sniff. Ooooh, it smelled good...not exactly animal-like as I thought it would, but still. This thing was as big as I was and it was going down. After a good sniff I immediately pounced on it and dragged it into my bed...victory! (we'll ignore the fact that it wasn't a real animal. It was a victory anyway.)

But sadly, Mom soon pulled it back out of my bed and put it up on the table again, saying it was really for my big sister. Man, what a rip! I continued to whine and I could tell Mom felt badly for me. She disappeared downstairs for a few minutes and then came back with this cat. Well....it's not quite the same--it isn't as big and ferocious as that other one was, but it's still another furry friend I can pretend to attack and feel all manly with in my conquest. Even a pedigree dog needs to feel like the tough guy once in a while!


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring in My Step

I have been a busy bee lately! Or a busy dog, of course. It is definitely SPRING, and I have a spring in my step to go along with it. After the initial shock of my beautiful shorn fur, I guess it kind of gave me sort of a sassy feel...Mom says it just makes me look like a Naughty Dog. Hey, it's kind of fun to try that on for a while! I played the part one day and left toilet paper I had taken off the roll all over the floor of my sister's bathroom! heh heh.

Ladies and Gentledogs, let me just say that I have become a Walker. Something just clicked, and now I have to say that I totally love my walks! The other day Mom, my brother and my sister all walked me down to a park, through some cool wooded paths behind the it, and then we came out in another!! And today my sister and Mom walked me all around a lake!!! I was really good, I only stopped just a little to have a sniff at a random tree, a gross spot on the ground, or a nice looking dog. I mean, a dog's gotta be a dog!

It's great to get good exercise on a lovely spring day. But really--when all is said and done, there's nothing like resting by a stinky bum.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Not a Walk in the Park

My friends, it has been a tough week. Last weekend I went to that place where the lady in the white coat is, I think it was because I could not stop pooping. Hey, I enjoy a good poo, but this was ridiculous. I was up every hour and a half for a couple of nights there, whining at Mom and Dad to let me out. Nobody got much sleep around here and we were all a bit cranky for it. I just felt proud of myself that I always made it outside. You should have seen me run! There was no pausing and sniffing. My dad said I looked like a centipede (whatever that is), not-quite-running but walking out there so fast you couldn't even see my legs move. I had to take some pills, but that wasn't bad at all because Mom put them in a piece of cheese. I never get cheese! Mom also made me some gourmet food, hamburger and rice. Nice! At first I had to go a whole day without food, and that was horrible--but then the gourmet stuff starting showing up in my bowl. So maybe it was worth it. Although now I've noticed I'm back to my old dog food. sigh.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I had to miss puppy play on Saturday because of another tragedy...my sister was outside playing with me right before and after discovering that cool place behind the shed I discovered that I had picked up some nasty burs. They were all over me, even my ears were stuck on top of my head. And they hurt! Dad tried to pick them out, but then Mom got me right over to the place where they trim me up and give me a bath. That was scary. I was there for a long time, and look what they did to me!!!! I guess they had to shave off all of my beautiful fur because those burs were so close to my skin. Oh, my beautiful pedigree fur! My mom keeps telling me that she thinks I'm adorable, but I just don't know about that. I feel funny, and cold. And now that you are feeling especially sorry for me you can add on the fact that I have a bad yeast infection in my ear which has also made me miserable. I have been whining and scratching like crazy, once again keeping all of us up at night. Once again I was at the doctor's office today, with them poking around in my sore ear. Then they put some drops in there. Never a dull minute!

And speaking of tragedies, I must say a fond farewell to my old friend Sigmund. He's the sweet old canine I visited not long ago over at Mom's friend Stephanie's house. I guess the old guy finally gave up the ghost. Okay, so he didn't really play with me and that made me frustrated, but I knew it was only because he just plain didn't have the energy. The dog world loses one of it's best, and his family loses a dear friend! sigh.

Life is rough sometimes, isn't it? Just when you think it's just a walk in the park, things like these get thrown at you. But I suppose that's what makes the good times so good. The weather is getting warmer and there are lots of good smells outside. The sun is shining and I am loved. And that's nothing to sniff at.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snow Dog!

Just call me the Abominable Snowman, Nanook of the North... I channeled my inner sled-dog this weeked as I frolicked, burrowed and pranced my way through the tundra that is my back yard after getting over a foot of snow! I just love it. I suppose for some dogs it could be a problem trying to do one's business in the deep snow, but not me...I figured out a clever way to walk back and forth, back and forth over the same spot until I tamp it down. I come in from playing out there with snow balls all stuck my under-side, but hey! Snacks! I hear we're getting MORE snow...and I say bring it on!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's puppy love around here today, let me tell you. Everyone was up early this morning, I couldn't figure out why. Mom, Dad, Vivian and Sullivan were all crowded around the dining room table and they were ooohing and aaahing over red and pink things that they were giving each other. There were a lot of hugs going around, too. All of a sudden Mom turns me to me and says, "Happy Valetine's Day" and hands me a new toy! Whoa, I think I like this day! Now I have another dog to play with. He looks a lot like this dog Sullivan has in his room called Scooby Doo, I hope I don't get confused and grab him instead at some point. The Family seems to get upset with me when I grab something from Sullivan's room and start gnawing. How's a dog to know, when all of our toys look alike?!

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